REASONING Self Study Material

Reasoning is Very Simple & Easy. With little effort and Interest you can learn Reasoning yourself.


To solve reasoning Questions in any Competitive Examinations requires a good approach build upon a 'Common - Sense'.


Simple common Sense solves complex questions.... !


Basically there are two types of Reasoning Questions are asked.

1) Verbal Reasoning

2) Non - Verbal Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning questions include Number, Alphabets & Special Characters like '<', '#', '$' and Pairs of Numbers, Pairs of Alphabets or combination of numbers, alphabets and Special Characters.

Eg:- Series, Coding & Decoding, Analogy, Sequence, Ranking etc.


You can learn each topic / concept thoroughly with examples, tips and solutions later.


Example 1:

Question: A...E...I....O....?

Observe the above question of Series , All are vowels. There are five vowels A,E,I,O,U. Hence next vowel is 'U'

Example 2:

Question: 2:4 :: 4: ?

Observe the above question of Analogy 2 square 2x2 = 4; Hence 4x4 = 16


Non Verbal Reasoning questions includes Pictures / Images that reflect in water or mirror. Some questions are asked in Paper Cutting / Folding.

Eg:- Cubes, Venn Diagrams, Dice etc.


You can learn each topic / concept thoroughly with examples, tips and solutions later.


Non verbal questions can be solve by proper understanding of pattern i.e. Clock wise/Anti clock wise Mirror or Water reflection of images.....!


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