Do's and Dont's in Interviews !

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Why Interview is so important?


As we all know that Face is the index of Mind. 50% of your Personality can be assessed by seeing Face. Whether you know it or not? Many MNC Compnay CEOs must meet and talk with each and every new joiners into the Company even office boy. It is may surprise us the persons like Premji of Wipro who are so busy in business meetings, tours and interactions. They would like to hold on every corner of their organization. So Personal Interaction or Interview is Most Important.

The remaining 50% of your Personality can be known when you opened your mouth. Whether you believe it nor not? The HR Perons can easily estimate ones caliber, intelligence and attitude by just 5 minutes of speech.


A B C Formulae:



First appearance is the best impression. No doubt appearance makes impression.

Do's: Wear formal dress with decent color; Good hair style. Women may prefer cotton Sarees with decent colors. Wear matched shoes.

Dont': Avoid bggy pants, Jeans Pants, funky hair styles. Avoid hard perfumes; Avoid Chewing gums etc; women may avoid wearing heavy ornaments.



Body Language:

Representation of Feelings and Expressions is the Body Language; Face Expressions and body moments are the manifestation of ones thoughts and feelings. Body languge is one more important thing to remember. How you enter Interview room, how you wish the interviewers are also makes best impressions.

Do's: Keep always smile face especially entering into the Room, Smile and pleasing Face surely gets more marks; Keep your body straight; Try to speak clearly and Answer always seeing the face of Interviewer.

Dont's: Do not expresss fear; Do not bent body; Avoid extra politeless. avoid seeing hither and tither.



The way you communicate other is always most important.

Dos': Keep attention and Try to listen the question carefully. Take few seconds time to aswer; maintain moderately pitch of speech. Always to be frank, if you know answer say it clear. If answer is not known frankly agree with smile.

Donts: Avoid Answer immediately or middle of questioning. Avoid loud or low pitch; Dont try to convince for unknown answers.


Conclusion :

Interviewer majorly concentrate on Your Appearance, Body Language and Communication Skills. How you appearing, how you have dressed, how you speaking, whether you have patience or not and more. Remember that 'Smiling Face' and 'Good appearance' surely get good Marks. No doubt.


Best of Luck!



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