Guidelines / Instructions for Online Free Test English Language Test-07

Candidates are required to read the following instructions before starting Online Test

1.There are total 20 Objective Type Questions and 15 Minutes Time

2.Each Question have FIVE Options, You need to Click one among Five

3.Answer is Saved when NEXT or PREVIOUS button pressed

4.Same is reflected in Right Side Table and that particular Question No. Changed Green color

5.One Mark is awarded for every Correct Answer and Negative Marks 0.25 is attracted for every wrong Answer

6.Right side table shows Ramining Questions and Time Left

7.There are PREV and NEXT buttons for moving freely from Q to Q or you can click on Question no. in the Table

8.If All questions are completed before 15 minutes you can press END TEST button for Test Result

9.If Questions are Remained and Time is Over then Test will Automatically complete and render Results

10.There is 'Work Area' for Rough work if any

11.Please do not Refresh once Test Started

Best of Luck!...

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